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Stahl Lecture Series

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About the Grillo Center
volunteer helping patron

Volunteer Helping Patron

The Grillo Health Information Center was founded to meet individual and family needs when faced with a health issue. Our services include free personal research on your behalf to the most up-to-date medical information. . . . . read more

We Do Free Research For You!

Our core of trained volunteers do personal research for you.We respond to your health related questions by accessing specialized medical databases. We find current, scientifically-based medical information related to your specific need.. . . read more
Stahl Health Lectures!

Every quarter we bring you a panel of local health experts for a lively, interactive discussion with audience Q&A. Go Here for audio and video.    April 22, 2014 .. Come and Learn: “Laughter: The Best Prescription

Part I: Laughter and the Body

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Help us keep personalized health research going at the Grillo Center and empower our community to take an active role in their health maintenance. Support Us!