Common Questions

Health Question Examples.

We receive health questions over the vast spectrum of health issues.

Here are a few to give you an idea on how we can help you with your questions.


  • What causes esophagitis?
  • What are the causes/treatment of hearing loss?
  • What is the effect of HSG on chance for conception?
  • Information about dialysis/transplant and information about specific transplant programs
  • General information about macular degeneration
  • General information about pancreatic cancer.
  • What is sarcoma and are there medical centers that specialize in the treatment of sarcoma?
  • General information about shingles and shingles vaccine


  • How can I find a grief counselor/support group?


  • Does ingesting aloe vera relieve bladder pain?
  • Is there evidence for “insulin potentiation therapy” ?
  • What are the treatment options for metastatic prostate cancer.
  • How is dandelion used in health and medicine?
  • What are side effects of osteoporosis medication?
  • What are treatment options for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 1?
  • What are treatment options/prognosis for torn hamstring tendon?
  • What is the effect of HSG on chance for conception?
  • What are the uses of dietary Anthocyanin-Rich Bilberry Extract
  • Does calcium interfere with Arimidex?
  • What are the side effects of radiation therapy and are there dietary recommendations?
  • Could fungal infection of my toenails be related to my hearing loss?

Health Professionals

  • Where can I find a physician who specializes in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?
  • What are natural remedies for IBS and how can I find a reputable hypnotist?
  • Where can I get an MRI of my knee?


  • Where can I get help in the transition from private insurance to Medicare?
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