Staying Active as you Age by Dodging the Surgery Bullet

Hear about possible uses of stem cells for helping joint problems. A lecture given to the Boulder’s Highland City Club

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Question on Pancreatic Cancer Care

Q. My mother has pancreatic cancer and says she and her doctors have agreed on palliative care until she passes away. My siblings feel that since I live closest to my mother, I should become her caregiver. Where do I start? A. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in the country. Recent studies indicate that it [...]

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Video of Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s Disease Lecture

Visit our video   for the complete Stahl Lecture Series on Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s Disease. (If your link does not work copy/paste it into your browser address ).

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November Topic of the Month: Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is at the center of a health care epidemic. Twenty-four million people in the US have diabetes, and another 54 million people are at risk for developing it. People with diabetes are often diagnosised after they go to their doctor with increased thirst, frequent urination and increased hunger, as well as fatigue, blurred vision, and weight loss. But diabetes [...]

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Get to know us and then use us.

  Personal Health Research Grillo’s researcher service guides health consumers through the enormous labyrinth of available health information, and importantly, offers a human touch to the otherwise confusing, lonely, and often frightening search for reliable health and medical information. All patients, their family caregivers and friends are invited to submit health related questions. Such questions can arise at any stages [...]

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Stahl Health Lecture: Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s Disease

Stahl Health Lecture Series Presents: Early Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s Disease: New Mindful, Heartful and Scientific Perspectives  Featuring a panel of local professionals:  Dr. Ilene Naomi Rusk – Neurobehavioral  Consultant/Moderator  Dr. Robert Scaer - Neurology – early diagnostics Dr. Michael Zona - Psychiatry – medication strategies Dr. Stephen Schmitz - Neuropsychology – treatment directions Megan Carnarius, RN – Nursing – practical tools & spiritual [...]

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