Cervical Cancer1

January Topic of the Month

Cervical Cancer Awareness Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women. It is also one of the most preventable kinds of cancer . Regular pelvic exams with Pap smears can detect abnormal cells before they become cancer. Vaccination against HPV can prevent abnormal cells from developing in the first place. The recent health care reform law covers well-women [...]

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Monty Python S The Meaning Of Life Original

Forbidden Laughter

Have you ever laughed when you shouldn’t? Join us at our Annual Colorado Gives Day Fund Raiser and learn about the transitional times when it is difficult and even “forbidden” to laugh, how death, illness, suicide impact our lives and our resilience and how laughter can be a reconnection to our spirit.

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AIDS Ribbons

World AIDS Day

December Topic of the Month: HIV/AIDS Awareness December 1st is World AIDS Day. It is a day to fight the myths and misconceptions that surround HIV/AIDS, and to work towards a cure. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus which is transmitted through certain bodily fluids, like blood, through sexual contact or sharing needles. HIV cannot be transmitted through casual [...]

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GDS Infographics Diabetes in the US :

Diabetes Awareness Month

November Topic of the Month Diabetes is at the center of a health care epidemic. Twenty-four million people in the US have diabetes, and another 54 million people are at risk for developing it. People with diabetes often have increased thirst, frequent urination and increased hunger, as well as fatigue, blurred vision and weight loss. But, the good news is [...]

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Breast Cancer Image

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October Topic of the Month: Breast Cancer Awareness Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, after skin cancer. About 1 in 8 American women will battle the disease at some point in their life. The good news is that with early detection and advances in medical technology, breast cancer survivors are living longer and healthier lives than [...]

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Smoking Area

How safe are eCigarettes?

Q: Are e-cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes? A: Research on e-cigarettes is preliminary, and evidence is limited. E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that deliver nicotine in vapor form. E-cigarettes are usually flavored and can contain other additives. Often they are shaped like regular cigarettes, but some e-cigarettes are shaped like objects not associated with smoking such as pens or flashdrives. Proponents [...]

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