2012 Expense Budget

Grillo Health Information Center – 2012 Expense Budget

For a budget of only $66,000, the Grillo Health Information Center is able to train and oversee 30 volunteer health researchers, provide community education and outreach, and offer the community a minimum of six high quality lecture/forums (Stahl Lecture Series).

Our patrons may meet with a volunteer one-on-one, email questions, or call in their questions. After a question has been researched the Grillo Health Information Center has health professionals review each question before sending back to the patron for quality control.

Grillo Health information Center is an independent 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization completely dependent upon donations from the public (individual, corporations, and grants).

Program Services

Advertising Expense 500.00
Books, Subscriptions, Reference 700.00
Conference, Convention, Meeting 100.00
Equip Rental and Maintenance 500.00
In-House Publications
(Stahl Lecture Series)
Insurance Non-Employee Related 1,000.00
List Rental 150.00
Membership Dues-Organization 250.00
Office Supplies 600.00
Other Expenses
Outside Computer Services 1,000.00
Postage & Shipping 300.00
Printing and Copying 700.00
Information services 8,000.00
Stahl Health Series 6,000.00
Senior Outreach 6,000.00
Minority Outreach 4,000.00
Community education 4,000.00
Program Coordination 4,000.00
Training 2,000.00
Community Health Fairs 2,000.00
Quality Assurance 2,000.00
Travel 100.00
In-Kind Expenses
It,Website,Programing,DB — 2,400.00
Rent,Parking,Other Occupancy — 9,000.00
Utilities — 600.00
Total In-Kind Expenses 12,000.00
Total Program Services 59,500.00
Supporting Services
Fundraising 1,000.00
Management & Administration 6,000.00
Total Supporting Services 7,000.00
Total Expense 66,500.00

It takes six hours to train new researchers. The average research request takes 3.5 hours.
True cost of Researchers per market rates, including training, supervision, program coordination, service delivery and quality control: 40 hours per week X $75.00/hr X 50 weeks = $150,000.00 Budget

The content provided on this website is for information only. It is not intended as medical advice and does not replace a one on one consultation with a qualified health care professional. The Grillo Center encourages you to make your health care decisions in partnership with a qualified health care professional.